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At Klymenko Law we understand how difficult the situation you’re currently facing is. Your needs are important, let us fight for you.

Offering Legal Services in Northeast Ohio For You and Your Family

Divorce is an emotional and complex process and you should not do it alone. Going through this process with an attorney your trust, one is competent in your case and wants to fight for you and removes the complexities.

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Dissolution allows you and your spouse to dissolve the marriage in an uncontested manner by negotiating the terms of the separation agreement and parenting plans outside of the courtroom.

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The placement and custody of a child matters. The child’s environment can and will affect the child. Determine whether you can be successful in court concerning legal placement of your child today.

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Having a confident and compassionate advocate defending you in court should be a part of every survivor’s safety plan. Do not hesitate to contact me as an initial consultation involving domestic violence is free of charge.

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The best way to protect your grandchildren from an unsuitable parent is you. Begin to take the legal steps to ensure that your grandchildren are protected and you are no longer alienated from their lives.

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Circumstances in life can change since your previously filed court decree and so must your prior court decree. Learn whether the change in life’s circumstances allows you to modify the existing court decree.

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